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B1-series Worker Droid; original design & story is credited to B1-series Worker Droid (Wookieepedia).

The B1-series Worker Droid is a Labor Droid used by both the civilian government Agencies & Jod Military Forces in the Kingdom of Jod. The droid is utilized for unskilled labor tasks, mostly lifting of heavy loads and transferring of heavy cargo; it is the second most numerous droid within the Kingdom of Jod, being everywhere from starships & space stations to Army Forts, Air Fields, etc. The droid stands at 2.2 meters tall or just over 7 feet tall.

It's legs allow it to extend upwards another 6 inches (1/2 foot) with heavy loads, while its arms are prevented from rising above its face for stability reasons with heavy loads. A heavy-duty (and caged for extra protection) spotlight is attached to the top of it's head, providing the droid & organics working with it with light in dark environments to keep working. The droid is painted primary gray with spaced yellow warning color lines through it diagonally; the droid also has night-time reflective orange paint on its feet, pincer hands, rear, and and front face. Finally, it has a warning yellow light on it's middle furthermost pointy rear structure that rotates around and is on when the droid is working; backup alarms sound when the droid is in reserve.

Being a basic design and easy to maintain, the droids were known to be able to take a beating and keep on working, being one of the most durable designs found within the Kingdom. Made by CargoCorp Interplanetary Business Group (CargoCorp), the droid could communicate only in Droidspeak; the B1 is part of the New Class Droid from 28 BBY.