The Army Quarters is considered the "armpit" of the Star Destroyer; sweat-stained stale air hangs in between the various bunks, while dirty armor and mud clogged combat boots add other undesirable elements to the air. Drawings and word slang is usually scratched along the endless colorless walls besides bunks. Despite these uncertain conditions, each individual bunk does have a mini viewscreen with access to to prerecorded holodramas and limited access to the HoloNet.

Each of the 256 Army Quarters (able to house 9,728 available personnel in total) within the Trooper Barracks is a self-contained unit of platoon strength with 38 troopers, with a single entrance/exit blast door connecting to the outside main corridor. Bunks are stacked two high along both walls of the unit; in between the entrance/exit blast door and the bunks is a small "ready area" complete with enough weapons, ammo, and the troopers' individual armor to prepare for any emergency or mission fully equipped with the basic armor & weapons. The weapons are in a separate locked armory from the troopers' armor, able to be accessed only by the platoon's Imperial Officer and most senior NCO. On the other end of the Army Quarter (opposite the entrance/exit blast door) is a 9 stall refresher complete with 9 sonic showers.

The Imperial Navy Troopers, Imperial Army personnel, and several Stormtroopers units share the 4th level, while the bulk of the Stormtroopers take up the bottom 3 Levels. Each level holds 2,425 personnel.

Social Environment in the "Armpit"

It is expected that all Stormtrooper, Army personnel, and Navy Trooper personnel, unless on official duty, remain within the 5 1/2 levels of the Trooper Barracks while aboard the Star Destroyer, without the limited freedom to roam the Star Destroyer like Enlisted Crew and Crew Officers. While this isolated existence can be taxing, most grunts have learned to make the most out of their interpersonal relationships in their platoon barracks. While a fair amount of soldiers have learned to appreciate their individualized platoon barracks or live in the Crew Gym and General Mess Hall in between training & missions, a growing number of grunts have also discovered the value of the Crew Lounges and Crew Holo Theater (when their NCOs aren't running them into the ground or reviewing their barracks with a white glove).

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