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Born to be a rock star, Andrew "Guitar" Monk's music career never left his parent's basement on Coruscant. But his driving and flying skills did. Despite a lack-luster high school career mostly remembered by self-made high school rock music bands, ditching classes, barely passing grades, and doing illegal activities for a teenager, Andrew's positioning to the greater galaxy's workforce was limited. After a few fast food restaurant gigs and failed start-up bands after high school by age 24, Andrew was fired on the spot during a small part-time job as a parking attendant at a high-end country club on Coruscant. The reason for his firing---and that of his best friend Jityar 'Drums' Ba'tar---was clear: taking clients' air speeders and racing them around Coruscant.

Everything would of been okay, since they avoided law enforcement rather well, if not for the fact that both crashed their land speeders that night. Luckily for Andrew and his best friend, Captain Rick Taller was attending that night on a undercover mission and saw their next to amazing flying skills and turned their misfortune into fortune as he brought them on board to fly his beloved Johnny Boy. From air speeders to warships, Andrew Monk can say he has truly achieved something few have and his flying ability is next to none, being able to get the Johnny Boy through maneuvers few ship captains could hope for of their Helms Officers. With The Mercs now for over 5 years now, the 29 year old once hard core rocker still has dreams of making it big one day and practices his music two to three times a week with his best friend Jityar. Whether those rock star dreams will ever happen or not is another story.

Andrew currently serves as the Chief Pilot Navigator aboard the Johnny Boy.