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Full-colored holographic avatar imagine of Alfred, sometime after 0 BBY (precise date is unknown).

Alfred is the name of the aftermarket added central control computer on the Johnny Boy, which seems to have a L3-37-type ability to evolve and learn. It is largely unknown how Alfred got installed on a then-owned Kathol Republic starship, only for Rick Taller to acquire the unique Marauder-class Corvette and its intact central control computer years later from a junk dealer.

Alfred contains some of the most detailed and in-depth star charts of the Outer Rim Territories & Wild Space, not to mention an extensive databank on shadowports, Separatist & Republic bases during the Clone Wars (both known & secret), a galactic history of various civilizations & wars, military tactics, weapons, and other less-then-legal and unique historical pursuits. It is largely unknown how the central control computer came into possession of this information or who, more importantly, installed it.

The computer system can also wirelessly---and covertly---connect with most telecommunications networks on any given planet or space station. How the central control computer can do this is largely unknown, although the unique tool does require updates to keep the system operating at its best.

Alfred speaks through standard binary; with the assistance of Rick Taller & several modifications, Alfred was able to vocalize his binary into galactic basic. Alfred's voice reflects that of a middle aged male Englishman; his social environmental programming is that of a butler.

Jim Palso & the Hunk of Junk

Alfred would be transferred to the memory banks & operating system of the Hunk of Junk---a highly modified & already rare YT-1930 Transport operated by the mercenary & smuggler Jim Palso---to save his "life" from termination.

Palso would later upgrade Alfred, so the central control computer could display a full-colored holographic avatar of itself.