Born on Coruscant in the family of a high ranking Republic officer, Adrias grew up in army camps around the Galaxy as his father was reassigned to different worlds. During the Clone Wars, he and his mother had to return to their family home on Coruscant for their own protection. He spent the rest of his childhood reading history books. His mother constantly following the war trying to find out something about her husband, so Adrias grew up with images of combat. When the New Order was declared his father rose in the ranks up to becoming an Admiral.

When he was old enough, he enrolled in the Coruscant University to study military history and economics. Hoping for a life in academia, but his true calling was in the military. After graduating in the top of his class, he enrolled in the Carida Academy. He was fascinated by the Clone ARC Troopers, so he wanted to become a Shocktrooper or even better to become a Death Trooper.

He aced his studies and training, but was passed over for the coveted specializations. This made him bitter, but he remained loyal to the Empire. That was just another obstacle that needed to be overcome.

Professional History

Served with several units, transferred several times, saw some combat.

Traumatic Experiences

The first time he took a life, also the accidental shooting of some civilians.

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