Actualize Station is a black site space station ran by the House of Royal Intelligence & Royal Command in the Northern Stretch (it is roughly the same size as eight Cloud Cities) and orbits the one inhabitable planet in the entire Northern Stretch. 5 other Guardian-class Battle Stations provide the planet complete protection on all 6 approach vectors; 18 XQH Battle Stations are spread throughout the mysterious star system, guarding all 6 approach vectors into the star system in groupings of 3 per zone.

Actualize Station's function, weapons, and other information is heavily classified & protected at the highest levels of top secret. What is thought known about both the mysterious planet & space station is that they both serve as a last stand and a secret gathering place for loyalist Jod Military Forces in case of a civil war or other truly catastrophic event. Most conspiracy theorists agree that if such a space station and hidden planet existed, it most likely served as a secret retreat for the Jod Royal House and a selection of the best & brightest Jod of society to live in times of war. Other theories had put the genesis-like secret planet as a place for a selected super race of Jod to be born and raised in the event that the rest of the population is wiped out---a way for the Jod to "start over".

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