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AD-series Weapons Maintenance Droid; original design & story is credited to AD-series Weapons Maintenance Droid (Wookieepedia).

The AD-series Weapons Maintenance Droid is a Repair Droid used by both the civilian government Agencies & Jod Military Forces in the Kingdom of Jod. The droid is utilized for repairing weapon systems in airspeeders, shuttles, starfighters, starships, and watercraft---and Small Arms & Light Weapons repair for military personnel---in the Space Navy Force, Maritime Force, and Starfighter Corps. The droids assist Ordnance Technicians with loading ordnance. Both a newer New Class Droid (as of 3 BBY) and a extreme high-end second-degree droid, the AD-series stands at 1.85 meters tall or just over 6 feet tall.

Despite a almost flawless record and high reviews with the droid, the King's Army refuses to have any droids work on their weapon systems or small arms & light weapons, instead utilizing their Armory Personnel & Army Mechanics for the job. The reason for this is two fold: first, simple pride in being the Army and knowing weapons as well as they do and second, a deep mistrust for the droids after the Droid Crisis of 33 BBY when many King's Army personnel died on Kalsink 3. This deep mistrust extends to His Majesty's Infantry, Horse Cavalry, Artillery Corps, Motorized Armor, and even the Army Air Corps (although oftentimes, the AC is overruled---to their great disgust---by their involvement with the Starfighter Corps at Air Fields & System Bases).

The AD-series is a sturdy, reliable design with an extensive database of all types of weapons, both Kingdom of Jod & Outside Galaxy. The droids are known to be loyal to the humans & aliens they interact with the most on a day-to-day basis; the droids are also known to be a bit too much on the talkative side at times, spouting off information they find useful and interesting, but that most other humans & aliens do not. The droids are known to be experts of detail and the Military Office of Criminal Activities has used the droids more than once to recount events of a crime they witnessed or places & activities a person of interest was doing that day when a crime was committed.

Designed & built by SeeFuture Shipwrights (SFS), the droid is extremely popular with the Kingdom's Navy & Starfighter Corps; the droid can communicate in both Droidspeak and Galactic Basic.