A special operations shuttle force operating under the Imperial Navy, the 714th Special Operations Shuttle Group (Raptors) operates 8 Lambda-class T-4a Shuttles, typically ferrying units like Joker Platoon, Dark Battalion, & other special forces around the galaxy. They're also in charge of transporting VIPs, diplomats, bureaucrats, Emperor's Advisers, and Imperial Officers.

Because of their special operations nature, the shuttles are equipped with a full command crew of a pilot, co-pilot, navigator, gunner, communications officer, & engineer at all times. The unit is currently assigned to the Darkest Night since 10 BBY; the unit has such storied operations such as Operation Foothold, Operation Immediate Rescue, Operation Home Base, and Operation Clean House.

The unit is currently under the command of Commander Julie "Jules" Viper; Captain Zeek "Outbound" Sanddoom is a senior ranking member of the unit.

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